Who doesn’t want to save money? In these challenging times, saving money whenever and wherever you can is top of mind for many people. A popular way to save money comes courtesy of your credit card. Many credit cards offer rewards that can help you save on a variety of things including travel and food. See below for some easy ways to save money with credit card rewards.


Save on Groceries: Cards tied to programs like Air Miles allow you to use your points for instant savings at participating grocery stores.

Redeem for Travel: Use your rewards/points for travel. Many people find great success (and savings!) by redeeming for hotels, flights and even car rental.

Get Gift Cards: Need to buy something something? Redeeming for gift cards is a fast, easy way to use your rewards.

Cashback: Cashback rewards have proven to be very popular and getting a yearly cashback bonus is a great reward.

Our mission is to help you find a credit card with the best rewards that meet your needs. Visit RateMyRewards.Ca today.

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