how to choose the best credit card

Who doesn’t want to save money? In these challenging times, saving money whenever and wherever you can is top of mind for many people. A popular way to save money comes courtesy of your credit card. Many credit cards offer rewards that can help you save on a variety of things including travel and food. See below for some easy ways to save money with credit card rewards.

Save on Groceries: Cards tied to programs like Air Miles allow you to use your points for instant savings at participating grocery stores. The more you use your card, the more money you can save. We can even help you find out how to Get Free Groceries Using The Best Rewards Credit Cards In Canada.

Redeem for Travel: Use your rewards/points for travel. Many people find great success (and savings!) by redeeming for hotels, flights and even car rental. Finding the best travel credit card in Canada can be tricky, but Rate My Rewards offers some great tips on how to find the one you’re looking for. Check out our Travel Credit Cards posts here.

Get Gift Cards: Need to buy something? Redeeming your rewards for gift cards is a fast, easy way to use them. Many networks and providers offer a wide variety of gift cards to chose from as well.

Cash Back: The best cash back credit cards in Canada have proven to be very popular. Getting a yearly cash back bonus is a great reward, and can help pay for your annual fees and more. Some credit cards even offer the ability to get the cash back at any time as well. © 2023 All rights reserved. Terms and conditions | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer