Our mission is to help you find a credit card with the best rewards that meet your needs.

Whether it’s a Canadian travel reward credit card for best travel rewards and free trips, or top Canadian cashback credit card to get money back or even a low interest credit card – Rate My Rewards will ensure that you choose the best credit card in Canada with a rewards program that meets your needs. Rate my Rewards will show you a comparison between all the top Canadian credit cards in their specific categories, while demystifying the redemption process. Take two minutes to choose the best Canadian rewards credit card. We'll help you get the most value with your card!

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About Us

The parent company of Ratemyrewards.ca, SPP Marketing Services Inc, has been educating and selling financial products to the public since 1998.

Yes, that’s right- even before the internet- we were doing it face to face!

Since then we have enrolled over 5 million Canadians for over 150 credit cards and bank products from Canada’s major banks.

You could say we know our stuff!

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